Question 109: For what reasons does the removal of disabled persons from care and rehabilitation centers take place?

 In case of determining the following situations, the decision of the coordination and evaluation board, the request of the establishment directorate, the proposal of the provincial directorate and the approval of the General Directorate are removed from the center. In the event of damage to himself and his surroundings due to the lack of mental health of the disabled person removed from the center and being addicted to substances, he is directed to the relevant health care organizations with disabilities. You can also use the

  1. a) When it is found that the information and documents that are based on acceptance do not reflect the actual status,
  2. b) If the behavior and actions of disabled people and their family’s contrary to the functioning and working order of the center show continuity,
  3. c) Despite the professional work done, disabled people are removed from the center of Disabilities in case of constant incompatibility with the central environment.