Question 15: What is the Free Access of Students Who Need Special Education to Schools and Institutions? Which students are transported free of charge within the scope of the project?

The Project for Free Access to Schools and Institutions for Students in Need of Special Education", has been prepared in cooperation with the Prime Minister's Office of the Disabled Administration and the General Directorate of Special Education, Guidance and Advisory Services of the Ministry of National Education in order to provide free access to schools for children who need special education and to ensure equality of opportunity in education and to encourage students with disabilities to education.

Within the scope of the project, within the Ministry of National Education; Students who are educated in The School of The Visually Impaired, In Orthopedic Schools, Orthopedic Disabilities Schools, Autistic Children Education: In Occupational Education Centers, School of People with Disabilities With Disabilities in Schools with Mental Disabilities, Kindergarten within Special Education Schools, students who are educated in Special Education Classes are carried free of charge.