Question 60: What kind of arrangements are made for disabled people in workplaces?

According to the Regulation on The Employment of Disabled, Former Convicts and Victims of Terrorism, employers must prepare their workplaces, facilities in a way that facilitates the work of disabled people, to take the necessary measures for their health, to work in jobs close to their professions or professions, to develop their knowledge and skills related to their workplaces, to provide the necessary tools and tools for their work. People with disabilities cannot be employed in other jobs that will harm their health except for the work they can do. In the event of the appropriate conditions, the start and end hours of working times are determined according to the situation of the disabled."  

In the Civil Servants Act and the Regulation on The Examination of The Handicapped Public Personnel Selection exam and the Inclusion of Disabled Persons as Public Servants, there are provisions on the fact that the staffs to be eligible for the disability quota are suitable for the education of the disabled person, to work in appropriate jobs for the disabled person, to make the working environment of the disabled suitable for the disabled and not to be employed in jobs that increase the disability of the disabled.