Question 9: What are the educational rights of a disabled person?

In accordance with the general objectives and basic principles of Turkish National Education, all individuals in need of special education in our country benefit from general and vocational special education services. Efforts to plan, maintain and increase access to special education services are carried out by the Ministry of National Education.

Disabled people benefit from education in the official educational institutions/schools of the Ministry of National Education or in special private educational institutions/schools. Accordingly, special education services provided to individuals in need of special education.

  • In separate special education schools opened for disability types ( hospital elementary schools for visually, hearing, mind-impaired individuals, and those with ongoing disease)
  • In the special education classes of schools in general education,
  • preschool, primary, secondary education and common education institutions, in their institutions,
  • It is provided in special training and rehabilitation centers opened by real or legal persons.