Department Of Tranning And Organization




  1. All planning, programming and implementation tasks of the Training and Organization Department,

  2. Determine the annual training needs with the other departments of ISGUM, collect training requests and needs,  evaluate the training requests,  prepare the annual training plan. 

  3. Determine training standards in the area of ​​occupational health and safety, carry out internal training activities,  organization of the trainings for external participants and announcements of these trainings,

  4. Planning of Asbestos Removal Expert Training, taking of participants applications, organization of the trainings,

  5. Planning of  ILO International Classification of Radiographs of Pneumoconioses  Readers Training, , taking of participants applications, organization of the trainings,

  6. Cooperation in the field of education with universities and non-governmental organizations, 

  7. Organization of informative meetings on the activities, works, services and trainings of ISGUM 

  8. Identification of the training materials that may be needed and preparation of the training hall before the trainings,

  9. In accordance with the field and the content of the training requested, follow-up the responsible trainers duties, 

  10. Keep the training records, conducting surveys for evaluation of trainings and trainers, receiving opinions and expectations from participants,

  11. Preparation of educational materials such as newsletters, brochures, posters, handbooks in the direction of the needs from ISGUM units or as a result of the realized projects and works done. 

  12. To perform other duties assigned by the General Directorate and the Institute.