Department Of Occupational Safety




Occupational Safety department has been established to perform preventive scientific and technical studies in order to provide health and safety of employees in the workplace, determine the risks of working conditions and take the necessary precautions against the risks that cause accidents and occupational diseases. Researching on health and safety risks at workplace, carrying out risk based studies in the workplace have been applied for achieving this goal. Occupational safety department conducts research and projects for different sectors and provides information and training studies in the fields that are included in the study program. Besides that, the outcomes, knowledge and experience of these studies have been used for legislation studies, national and international projects and sectoral guides and other publications.

The department of Occupational Safety consists of 5 divisions as follows:

  • Division of Metal and Sectoral Risk

  • Division of Mine

  • Division of Construction

  • Division of Asbestos

  • Division of Work Equipment

Metal-Mining-Construction Divisions

These divisions are founded according to occupational accident statistics and the main purpose is to improve occupational health and safety conditions and find engineering solutions for hazards and risks.

Mission and Activities:

  • Carry out scientific studies by analyzing accident statistics

  • Evaluate working conditions according to scientific data and collaborating with firms in the related sectors

  • Research health and safety risks by making survey in workplaces

  • In terms of “Risk Assessment Consultation”, detecting and assessing of occupational health and safety risks, preparing risk inventory and be advisor for workplaces.

  • Prepare long and short term plan, policy and projects by evaluating current situations

  • Participate studies to improve occupational health and safety legislation of related sectors

  • Participate projects and R&D activities

  • Participate training to inform professionals in related sectors

  • Contribute to arrange meeting, panel, seminar etc. for informing professionals in related sectors

  • Collaborate with government and private foundations, universities and NGOs

  • Contribute to preparing European Union Progress Report and The State Supervisory Council Report on occupational health and safety conditions in Mining Sector

  • Participate and contribute to Vocational Qualification Authority (MYK) Sector Comities

  • Participate Market Surveillance of Personal Protective Equipment       

Asbestos Division

Asbestos Division has been established in order to prevent employees from exposure to asbestos dust that arising from asbestos dismantling, demolition, repair, maintenance works as well as protect employees health risks arising from this exposure. Asbestos division continues to work within the scope of “Regulation on Health and Safety Measures in Asbestos Works” and “Communique on Training Programs Related to Asbestos Removal”.

Mission and Activities:

  • Legislative activities related to asbestos

  • Provide training for Asbestos Removal Expert

  • Doing renewal and improvement studies intended for asbestos training modules

  • Consulting about health and safety measures in asbestos works

  • Monitorize and report about field studies of Asbestos Removal Expert

  • Organizing meetings and awareness trainings about asbestos

  • Cooperate with universities and NGO’s about asbestos

  • Conducting asbestos bulk sample analysis and asbestos air sample fiber count


Work Equipment Division

Division was established for leading worklife in safe use of work equipment. Main vision of the Division is to prevent equipment-related work accidents with providing safe utilization within the scope of “Regulation on Safety and Health Requirements for The Use of Work Equipment”

Mission and Activities:

  • Performing guidebook studies about periodic inspections.

  • Compiling periodical inspection forms for work equipment,

  • Monitoring EKIPNET software which is formed to enroll people who are authorized to inspect work equipment,

  • Supporting authorised organizations’ inspection activities,

  • Evaluating feedbacks and petitions about legislation and practical applicability on site,

  • Participating commissions, meetings, and commitees held by state institutions and organizations on work equipment.

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