Department Of Personal Protective Equipment




The aim of the PPE Laboratory is to carry out the tests coming from Market Surveillance DEpartment in DGOHS and third parties. Another aim of the section is to improve the national background interms of PPE issues. With the scope of this it is established PPE department in January 2013.


  1. Carrying out the testing activities according to EN and TSE standards

  2. Following Vertical and Horizontal Groups about PPE, so getting the knowledge about the latest news about PPE testing procedures.

  3. Attending PPE Technical Comittee and taking the actions according to decisions taken from committee.

  4. Doing Market Surveillance of PPE and enhancing the rate of safe of PPE that are used in workplaces.

  5. Taking part in projects that DGOHS held and contributing especially Personal Protective Equipment field.

  6. Taking actions about increasing the awareness about safe usage of PPE, such as introductive seminars or projects.


  1. Test Activities

  2. Researchs about PPE usage in workplaces

  3. Market Surveillance for PPE


PPE Laboratory mainly services for different thypes of PPE; eye protectors, hand pr/arm protectors, protectiv clothes, protectors for fall from height, head protectors, foot protectors. In laboratory, 34 different tests are held according to Turkish Standart Institution and Europeran Union Standards.

  1. Hand Protectors and Protective Clothes: Tear, puncture, abrasion test, high visibility and flame spread tests.

  2. Protectors for fall from height: Dynamic and Static Tests

  3. Foot Protectors: Puncture Ayak koruyucuları: Puncture, antistatic tests

  4. Head Protectors: Strength and Puncture Tests

  5. Eye Protectors: Strength Tests