Department Of Laboratory Authorization




Law on Occupational Health and Safety No: 6331 requires employers to carry out risk assessments on agents in the workplace which may cause adverse health effects to their employees. Within the scope of occupational health and safety legislation,  Regulation on Measuring, Testing and Analyzing Occupational Hygiene has been published in 20.08.2013 and revised on 24.01.2017. Department of Laboratory Authorization established for giving competency certificate to private or public laboratories that conduct occupational monitoring (for determining Identify and assess the potential health risks arising from exposure to hazards, fochemical, biological and physical hazards that has the potential to impact on the short and long term health of employees. ) in the workplace. Identify and assess the potential health risks arising from exposure to hazards.


  1. Examining the files of laboratories making application for competence certificate or pre-competence certificate, making on-site inspections and giving competency/pre-competency certificate if the laboratory meets the requirements.

  2. Performing certificate renewal processes of the laboratories whose certificate period expire.

  3. Examining scope extension applications of authorized laboratories, conducting on-site inspections and preparing the scope extension certificate

  4. Carrying out informed or unannounced inspections to authorized laboratories at certain intervals

  5. In case of adress change, conducting inspections on new adress and renewal of certificate according to current status

  6. Imposing penalty of certificate suspension, cancellation or parameter suspension for laboratories found to be inadequate after inspection

  7. On-site inspections to authorized laboratories

  8. Preparation of technical and guidance documents for laboratory authorization personel

  9. Organizing meetings and workshops for the coordination of the laboratory authorization personel,

  10. Preparation of guidelines for laboratories

  11. Informative meetings and technical training for laboratories

  12. Following the update of the standarts and guiding the laboratories about revoked and revised methods by the international institutes

  13. Preparing announcements for laboratories and publishing them on website

  14. Orginizing and joining congresses, symposiums and seminars in the fields of occupational hygiene and laboratory authorization.

  15. Carrying out projects in the field of occupational hygiene and participate in existing projects.