19 July 2018, Thursday

The 15Th Training Of Asbestos Dismantling Expertise Was Held In Isgum On 25th-29th Of June 2018

The 15th Asbestos Dismantling Specialist Training, opened by Mr. Furkan YILDIZ, Assistant General Manager of Occupational Health and Safety, was held between 25-29 June 2018 at the ISGÜM.

The Asbestos Dismantling Specialist Training organized in line with the relevant legislation was aimed to raise awareness about the subject by giving the necessary information about the asbestos dismantling to the Occupational Safety Experts. The risk of asbestos and asbestos material dismantling to be done and the exposure to asbestos dust if possible is to be destroyed, if not destroyed the worst is reduced, thus it was aimed that the protecting the health of the employees and prevention of occupational diseases that can be caused by asbestos.

In this direction, as many as 40 training sessions have been held so far and 405 work safety experts have been given the Asbestos Dismantling Specialist certificate. Having successfully completed this week's training, our 24 trainees received their certificates and became qualified as Asbestos Dismantling Specialist. With this training, a total of 429 work safety specialists have been given the Asbestos Dismantling Specialist certificate.