19 July 2018, Thursday

Seminar For Developing Healthy And Safe Life In Pre-School Children

"Seminar for the Developing of Healthy and Safe Life in Pre-School Children" was held in the Presidency of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety with an intensive participation. The symposium was held under the chairmanship of General Director of Occupational Health and Safety Op. Dr. Orhan Koç. President of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, Erol Tekçe, Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of National Education, Health and Social Services Associations Federation (SADEFE) and  pre-school educators, managers, experts were attended to the seminar.

Ministry of Labour, Social Services and Family, General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety Op. Dr.Orhan Koç stated that all schools will create a health and safety club corner for the students in the school age. He stated that they will speed up their work on children's development of work health and safety cultures.

Emphasizing that they particularly care about the concept of "safe school", Orhan Koç stated that security culture is important to cover the whole life like safe house, safe environment, safe work place and safe hospital.

Stating that the safe school campaign includes preschool and school ages, Koç continued:

We are here today for the day-care centers. As a result of our work with the Ministry of National Education in all schools for our students in school age, we will establish a occupational health and safety club corner. We all had a fire brigade in childhood. Now, why is there an occupational  health and security corner from gloves to gloves, from eyeglasses to other protective materials? With this culture of security we will place in our childhood subconscious, we can make sure they take more sure steps. We can place safety-related figures on the outside of schools. We can also do some applications on the smart board. We will add these as innovations to our work with the Ministry of National Education.”

Referring to the house accidents that children have experienced, Orhan Koç said that some of the children were seriously injured and some of them lost their lives.

Koç also pointed out that the accidents at home and abroad could be avoided by precautions to be taken.

After the speeches, the Ministry of National Education and experts from SADEFE participated in the seminar  gave information about the formation of occupational health and safety culture for children. At the end of the seminar, General Manager Koç presented certificate of participation to experts who participated as speakers.