31 December 2018, Monday

Improvement, Enhancing And Standardization Of Quality Standards Of Work Hygiene Measure, Test And Analysis Laboratories, Project Trainings Has Been Completed

In accordance with the Regulation on Labor Hygiene Measurement, Testing and Analysis Laboratories, it is obligatory to obtain reliable results by proving that the measurement results of the laboratories operating in the field of work hygiene are reliable, that is, by entering into inter-laboratory comparison or proficiency tests (LAC / PT).

Inter-laboratory comparison tests (LACs) and proficiency tests (PTs) are an important tool in ensuring the quality of the measurements, tests and analyzes performed by laboratories and it allows the laboratory to compare the results of the measurement with the other laboratories and to improve the performance if the measurement result is not good. It is important that these tests are conducted by authorized third parties.

Within this scope, it has to be provided within the scope of LAK and YT regulation studies in order to verify the accuracy of the measurements, tests and analyzes performed by the occupational hygiene laboratories authorized by our Directorate General was held in Ankara with the participation of 30 people.

Within the scope of this training, the necessary conditions and the studies to be done in order to regulate LAC / PT were obtained. As a result of the benefits of the training, which was attended by the President of the Institute Erol TEKÇE and the Vice President Uğur ÖZTÜRK, it was decided to start the necessary studies on LAK and the OH regulation as an institution in the near future.