11 January 2019, Friday

Work Hygiene Current Preparation Seminar Has Been Performed Under The Isglabut Project

Work hygiene current preparatıon semınar has been performed under the ISGLABUT Project on 25-27 December 2018 in Ankara. It has been realized that there is a lack of knowledge about measurement and analysis of Occupational Hygiene and that the current applied curriculum at universities does not include the necessary knowledge and training on laboratory practices and techniques on the OHS technicians who will graduate from universities. That ıs why the ISGLABUT project that has been created in the first place.

The seminar was held with the participation of a total of 62 people from universities with OHS department and from OHS department, non-governmental organizations contributing to the work hygiene field and İSGÜM central and regional laboratory personnel. The program of work hygiene laboratory practice techniques that will be taught in associate degree and bachelor's degree programs was prepared in the seminar. The content of the course will be explained to the students determined as in the course of group work, physical risks, chemical risks, biological risks, health and human physiology, sampling and instrumental analysis, ergonomics and psychosocial risk factors and control-prevention and personal protective equipment.

Participating academicians stated that the work done at the end of the seminar was very productive, would contribute to the work hygiene area and these studies should be done for the general OHS curriculum.