11 January 2019, Friday

6 Million Euros For Projects On Occupational Health And Safety

Especially for mining and other very dangerous sectors (according to NACE Coding System), applications will be received from across the country in order to improve occupational health and safety conditions (OHS) and improve the OHS competencies of related parties, within the EU-funded 6 million euro grant program that the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety is an Operation Beneficiary.

75 thousand Euro to 200 thousand Euro grant support will be provided for the grant projects to be submitted within the framework of the grant program. And the duration of the projects should not be less than 12 months, not more than 18 months. In order to inform the representatives of the eligible applicants below, information days will be organized in the following 6 provinces. The information days are planned to last two days and on the second day, the applicant will be provided with training and consultancy services to the representatives of the appropriate institutions and organizations as potential applicants.

In this context, participation of only the representatives of the eligible applicants listed below are important to the information and training days is important.

Eligible applicants in the Grant Guidelines:

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs),
  • Professional organizations (chambers of commerce and / or industry, chambers of tradesmen and craftsmen, civil servants 'unions / confederations / sector representatives, exporters' unions, employer unions / confederations, trade unions / confederations, organized industrial zones (OIZs), SME representative organizations)
  • Universities,
  • Vocational and technical high schools in the fields of mining, machinery, metal, metallurgy, electricity and electronics, chemistry, construction, agriculture and marine related technologies,
  • İnternational (intergovernmental) organizations as defined in Article 43 of the European Union Financing Treaty.

Potential participants can apply to the program by filling out the electronic registration form on http://kayit.ikg.gov.tr/info/iohs separately for the day of training and the training. Those who do not register through the system will not be informed of the information days and in particular the participation in the training (due to the participation quota).

OHS Grant Program Activities Application Link: http://kayit.ikg.gov.tr/info/iohs
























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