04 February 2019, Monday

Visit To ISGUM From German IAG

The Institute of Labor and Health (IAG), operating under the DGUV umbrella, visited our Institute on 16 January 2019 under the protocol signed between the German Legal Accident Insurance Agency (DGUV) and the Directorate General of Occupational Health and Safety on 12 March 2018.

General Manager Sedat YENİDÜNYA, President of the Institute Erol TEKÇE, Vice Presidents Gizem Naz DÖLEK and Uğur ÖZTÜRK accompanied to IAG Director Dr. Dirk Windemuth, International Relations and Promotion department Christian Bochmann and Nevzat Bağlı.

The delegation visited the İSGÜM Museum, Hygiene Laboratories, Virtual Reality Center, Asbestos Disassembly Training and Application Center, and traveling health vehicles and PPE testing tower. After, Professor Dr. Windemuth said that “it would be gratifying to start working to keep the relations developed with the Directorate General and the Institute in the following years.” in his speech.