04 February 2019, Monday

Visit To ISGUM From Occupational Hygiene Laboratories Association (ISGLABDER)

Erkan KARAHASANOĞLU, Chairman of the Occupational Hygiene Laboratories Association (İSGLABDER) and the members of the Board of Directors Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Murat HACIÖMEROĞLU, Özlem ATILGAN, Atilla AYDEMİR and Mustafa KELEŞ visited Erol TEKÇE Head of Occupational Health and Safety Research and Development Institute in his office.

In the meeting Uğur ÖZTÜRK, Vice President of the Institute, and Hatice SAĞLAM, Deputy Head of the Laboratory Authorization Department attended at consultations were held on the problems of the work hygiene laboratories and on the work done by our institute.

It was decided to start working on the demands coming from the laboratory association and gathering more frequently in order to solve the problems of the laboratories.