04 February 2019, Monday

Erol TEKÇE, President Of İSGÜM Visited The President Of TIKA The Middle East And Africa Department

Erol TEKÇE, president of isgüm visited Bülent KORKMAZ, the president of TİKA the Middle East And Afrıca Department in his Office.

OHS professionals work at the Palestinian Ministry of Labor Inspectorate and the Palestinian Industrialists' Federation was trained about risk assessment, work equipment, emergency, occupational hygiene, physical and chemical factors in cooperation with the experts of the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety and SESRIC under the OIC-OSHNET Project on November, 2018  In this context the issues raised by Palestine were reconsidered as a result of the negotiations between İSGÜM President Erol TEKÇE and TİKA Palestine Coordinator KORKMAZ at the time.

İSGÜM President Erol TEKÇE and the accompanying delegation visited newly appointed TIKA Palestine Coordinato, Refik ÇETİNKAYA. Also, the demands from Palestine about establishment of work hygiene laboratories and training were discussed.

It was decided to establish a working group to follow the work on the idea of establishment of occupational hygiene laboratories in Palestine in the following period.