04 February 2019, Monday

Visit From Turkmenistan To ISGUM

The delegation from Turkmenistan visited the Institute under the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Within the scope of the Project for Improving the Capacity of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Turkmenistan.

From Turkmenistan, Head of Methodology Department, Yaylyeva Maral, Labor Resources and Employment Division Head of Labor Resources Department, Mayagozel Babayeva Labor Relations and Working Conditions Deputy Chairman Muhammetali Allakov, Head of Labor Relations Department Amangeldi Kurbangeldiyev, Deputy Head of Social Protection Department International Relations Department Chief Jennet Berdiyeva; Burhanettin Kurt, Deputy General Manager of ISGGM, Erol Tekçe, Head of ISGUM, and the heads of departments attended the meeting. Information was given about the activities of the Institute in the field of Occupational Health and Safety with the presentations made by the heads of departments of İSGÜM.

İSGÜM Museum, Psychotechnical Laboratory, Virtual Reality Training Center, Mobile Health Screening Tools, Asbestos Training Center, Occupational Hygiene Lab and PPE laboratories were visited by the delegation.