27 February 2019, Wednesday

Personnel That Work In The Authorization And Supervision Of Work Hygiene Laboratories Were Trained

The personnel that work in İSGÜM Central and Regional Laboratories were trained within the scope of the Regulation on Labor Hygiene Measurement, Testing and Analysis Laboratories in order to provide standardization among auditors who are in charge of on-site inspections and audits of authorized laboratories and to increase the number of audit personnel available. The opening speech of the training was carried out by President of İSGÜM Erol TEKÇE.

The trainings that were carried out at İSGÜM were given on 19-21 February, regarding the issues to be taken into consideration in the methods and inspections authorized in physical and chemical parameters. On the first day, trainings were held jointly. On the second and third day physical and chemical parameters were studied in two groups. A total of 58 personnel from the Center, Istanbul Region, Bursa Region, Kayseri Region and Adana Regional Laboratories participated in the trainings.

It is planned that the training will be repeated on February 26-28 with the personnel who will participate in the center, Kocaeli Region and İzmir Regional laboratories.