31 May 2018, Thursday Ankara, Turkey

New President Has Been Appointed To The Institute

Erol TEKÇE, who was born in Şiran, Gümüşhane in 1967, graduated from the Department of Geophysical Engineering at Karadeniz Technical University. He completed military service in 1993 as Commando Lieutenant in Hizan, Bitlis. After he got his formation in Faculty of Education at Gazi University, he was appointed as geography teacher to Ankara Beypazarı Imam-Hatip High School. After 4 years of teaching in Beypazarı, he lastly was appointed as teacher to Ankara Aktaş Industrial and Vocational High School.

After he worked as engineer at General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs for a short time, he was first appointed to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality as engineer, then he became manager in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. After he worked as engineer at General Directorate of Disaster Affairs, he worked as deputy advisor to Mp. Prof. D. Yahya DOĞAN for two years at Turkey Grand National Assembly. Then he carried out important studies in main studies of planning of many cities of our country, mainly the third airport at General Directorate of Spatial Planning. He also worked as advisor to Head of Social Security Institution. TEKÇE, who has worked at Presidency of Institute of Research and Development of Occupational Health and Safety as president by proxy since January, 2018, was nominated to this mission on May 18, 2018.