11 June 2018, Monday

Symposium On Struggle With Addiction In Working Life

Physical dependence is a physiological demand for the presence of the substance depending on the development of an adaptation to the substance used. Psychological addiction is the person's emotional or personality needs, satisfaction with his / her needs, and intimacy with that substance or behavior.

Addiction destroys the physical, mental health and social life of the person. Like other addictions, technology and gambling addiction lead to personal, family and collective psychological, sociological and economic damages.

The rate of addiction in our country and in the world is increasing rapidly and the age of starting to addictive substance is decreasing. Also, technology addiction in society is increasing day by day. It will be possible to prevent the addictions that can be regarded as catastrophic for the society, by analyzing the risks and removing the hazards from them and to increase the social consciousness..

For these reasons, a symposium was planned to take the views of institutions and members and to evaluate the situation more effectively for elimination the dependency problems affecting our country in the direction of the policy and strategic objectives of our Ministry in the field of occupational health and safety

The relevant public institutions and organizations as well as the administrators, expert speakers and other interested persons from the relevant institutions and organizations within the Ministry of Health have been planned to participate to the symposium.

The symposium will include alcohol and substance dependence and technology dependency, which threaten the health and safety of employees in particular.


Date and Time : June 11, 2018 - 13:30

Address: Precidency of Institute of Research and Development of Occupational Health and Safety-Conference Room

Heah of Symposium : Specialist Orhan KOÇ-Genel Director of Occupational Health and Safety