19 July 2018, Thursday

Seminar On Working Conditions Of Private Bank Branch Employees And Burnout Syndrome

Psychosocial risks are defined as new and increasing risks of occupational health and safety. Today's working life adversely affects the health of employees because of  increase in work load and work tempo, the prolongation of working hours.  These topics, which are known to be long-lasting, but not very much discussed on various occasions first affects working health first, leading to problems such as job redundancy; then indirectly affects businesses, causing problems, including financial losses.

Our Ministry that believes in the importance and importance of occupational health and safety in working life continues its efforts on ensuring that all occupational health and safety conditions at all workplaces throughout the country are ensured, preventing work accidents and occupational diseases and developing awareness of psychosocial risks by increasing knowledge.

Within this scope, "Working Conditions of Private Bank Branch Employees and Burnout Syndrome Seminar" was held on 12.07.2018 at Precidency of Institute of Research and Development of Occupational Health and Safety.

The opening speeches of the symposium were coached by Erol TEKÇE, Precident of Institute of Research and Development of Occupational Health and Safety; Prof. Dr. Ali Naci YILDIZ, Hacettepe University Medical Faculty Public Health Department; Op. Dr. Orhan KOÇ, General Director of Occupational Health and Safety.

In his speech Op. Dr. Orhan KOÇ stated that “There are physical, biological and chemical risks as well as psychosocial risks in the workplace while working on occupational health and safety at work and new projects and works about psychosocial risks will continue.”

Dr. Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Department of Mental Health and Diseases, Dr. İrem YILDIZ made a presentation about Burnout Syndrome and Occupational Diseases. The detailed information presentation about the project was made by  Senior Psychologist Serra Ela and Specialist Adam Koyuncu. After presentations, opinions and proposals of interested parties received.

In his final speech, Deputy General Director of Occupational Health and Safety, Sedat YENİDÜNYA stated that “The symposium aims to contribute to the creation of occupational health and safety culture as a whole, including psychosocial risks.”