11 September 2018, Tuesday

Organization Of Comparison Test Among Laboratories

In the scope of the “Regulation on Labor Hygiene Measurement, Testing and Analysis Laboratories“ which entered into force on January 24, 2017, a LAK (Comparison Test Among Laboratories) organisation made in the field in order to confirm the accuracy of the measurements, tests and analyzes performed by labor hygiene laboratories authorized by the General Directorate.

Measurement of Personal Noise Exposure, Measurement of Workplace Environment Noise, Measurement of Thermal Comfort, Measurement of Exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration, Measurement of Whole Body Vibration Exposure and Measurement of Electromagnetic Field Exposure were performed in ASKİ General Directorate Water Treatment Department, İvedik Drinking Water Treatment Facilities with the participation of 8 laboratories.

ISGUM Vice-President Uğur ÖZTÜRK whom Laboratory Authorization Department and Occupational Hygiene Department are under, viewed the organization on-site. He received feedback from the staff of the laboratories participating in the organization on testing and analysis.

It has been reported that this organization, which is organized and carried out by ISGÜM Laboratory Authorization Department and Occupational Hygiene Department, will be repeated with certain periods and competence tests and interlaboratory comparison tests will continue to be regulated in other authorized occupational hygiene parameters.