01 October 2018, Monday

24. ILO Pneumoconiosis Radiography International Classing Reader Training

24th ILO Pneumoconiosis Radiographies  Internatıonal Classıng Reader Educatıon organized in accordance with the ILO standard training in line with the relevant legislation and the National Pneumoconiosis Prevention Action Plan were carried out in the Presidency of the Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Research and Development.

24th ILO Pneumoconiosis Radıographıes Internatıonal Classıfıcatıon Reader Trainings was successully completed. The  certificates of 24 trainees who have successfully completed the training have been presented by ISGUM managers and valuable trainers. With this training, the number of physicians with pneumoconiosis reader certificate increased to 601.

Trainings will also be organized in 2018 and information and announcements related to the subject can be followed up on the website of ISGUM.