01 October 2018, Monday

Occupational Diseases Symposium-1 Psychosocial Factors Affecting Bank Employees

General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety (İSGÜM) Istanbul Regional - Laboratory Directorate carried out “Occupational Diseases Symposium-1 Psychosocial Factors Affecting Bank Employees” at the Maltepe SGK Şehit Erol OLÇOK Campus Conference Hall with a wide participation.

President of OHS Research and Development Institute Erol TEKÇE, Vice Presidents Uğur ÖZTÜRK and Gizem Naz DÖLEK, Director of Maltepe SGK Center Figen Feray KAYA, Director of Kartal SGK Center Aysel DELİBAŞ, Ministry of Health Istanbul Regional Directorate, Public Health Presidency Representatives, Occupational Diseases Hospital Chief Physician KARADAĞ, private and public bank employees, representatives of the relevant departments of universities, workplace physicians and occupational safety experts of various institutions and organizations participated to the symposium.

The results of burnout syndrome research in both public and private bank employees supported each other. And symposium attracted great attention.