14 November 2018, Wednesday

We Are A Big Family

The first meeting was held on 01/11/2018 with the participation of many NGO’s at İSGÜM with non-governmental organizations of OHS professionals working in the field to improve occupational health and safety conditions at workplaces.

Director General for Disabled and Elderly Services, Former Director General of Occupational Health and Safety Op. Dr. Orhan Koç made the opening speech of the program organized with the “Social dialogue in occupational health and safety “ theme.

Occupational Health and Safety New Training Module

İn the NGO Meeting, information was given on the new training module to be implemented in the field of occupational health and safety. The new training content in occupational health and safety will be primarily mine, transportation and storage, construction, agriculture, metal, furniture, chemistry, food, accommodation and textile sectors.

It was planned updating and updating the curriculum in OHS associate, undergraduate and graduate programs in universities; adding courses such as project, seminar, graduation project; addition of the compulsory courses in all the departments to the curriculum, except for the programs that are compulsory in OHS courses in universities in the OHS training modüle.

The participants visited ISGUM museum and received information about the devices exhibited in the museum in the afternoon.