29 November 2018, Thursday


Member of the Working Group from the Occupational Hygienists Association (İHİDER) Prof.Dr. Prof. Dr. Yücel DEMİRAL and the delegation consisting of Giulio ARCANGELİ and Sergio LUZZİ from the Italian Occupational Hygienists Association (AIDII) visited the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety Research and Development (İSGÜM).

The delegation visited the occupational hygiene and PPE test laboratory, the occupational health and safety occupational health vehicles and OHS museum in the institute campus. Information about the virtual reality and psychotechnical laboratories that will be active in İSGÜM In the near term was given to the delegation.

At the meeting with the delegation, Erol TEKÇE, President of İSGÜM said that sharing knowledge and experience with Italy on occupational hygiene will have positive effects for both countries. TEKÇE also thanked Italian AIDII representative Sergio LUZZİ and Prof.Dr. Giulio ARCANGELI, and. Occupational Hygienists Association (IRCU) Working Group Member Prof. Dr. Yücel DEMİRAL for their visit to İSGÜM.

Sergio LUZZİ and Prof.Dr. Giulio ARCANGELİ stated that they could make a protocol including parallel studies on the organization of common symposiums, workshops and international congresses, to carry out advanced training in the field of occupational hygiene, to conduct awareness activities.