13 September 2019, Friday


Meeting of Struggle With Dust Commission, which was held twice a year, held its first meeting of 2019 under Deputy of General Director of Occupational Health and Safety, Furkan YILDIZ in Reşat Moralı Meeting Room on July 25.

General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety / Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Guidance and Inspection Presidency, Social Security Institution, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry  of Energy and Natural Resources, Eti Mine Works General Directorate, Turkey Coal Institution, Turkey Coal Enterprises Authority, Middle East Technical University, Hacettepe University representatives of employees and employers' confederations attended to the meeting.

During the meeting, presentations were made about Studies on the article of the National Pneumoconiosis Prevention Action Plan that exclude lung radiography compatible with pneumoconiosis as disability criteria alone, activities carried out with non-governmental organizations in the ceramics sector, National Pneumoconiosis Diagnosis, Detection, Notification and Monitoring System (UPTATBİS) Project and Dust Control Regulation revision works carried out in accordance with the Action Plan.

After that, opinions and recommendations of the members of the commission were received.