13 September 2019, Friday


PLATFORMDER, the association organization of personnel raising platform operating manufacturers and distributors, visited İSGÜM in order to carry out joint studies with İSGÜM Work Equipment Department.

PLATFORMDER, Chairman of the Board Servet AYHAN, stated that they want to extend the use of appropriate equipment by going to cooperation with İSGÜM, the authorized institution regarding the use and periodic controls of work equipment. In this context, a workshop on Periodic Controls of Mobile Work Platforms that can be upgraded on August 8 will be held and a seminar will be organized on October 24th with the participation of ISGÜM and other relevant public institutions and organizations.

İSGÜM President Erol TEKÇE stated that they are the authorized institution for the use and periodic controls of work equipment on behalf of İSGÜM and that they will be happy to cooperate with PLATFORMDER management which is one of the leading NGOs in this field and to support them to be the representative of the field and to support them in every kind of cooperation.